According to an industry study by Deutsch Bank, 48% of U.S. Homeowners will be underwater by 2011. Your biggest dilemma when facing an unsold home with a mortgage balance for possibly more than your home will sell for is finding a qualified and experienced agent to help you in your present situation.  You don’t want to face the potential results of making life altering sacrifices, ruining your credit and possibly even losing your home to foreclosure.  You have options that you MUST know about before you make a critical decision that may affect your credit, your family and your future for years.  You can avoid the headaches, heartaches, embarrassment, ongoing calls, job insecurity and future debt by making the right choice in who you contact.

For many sellers, who have relied on uninformed real estate agents lacking skills, knowledge and experience to sell in today’s market, finding that they have no solution to their stressful situation, or sitting at the closing table and having to write a big fat check out of their already depleted account just to close, or worse, finding an eviction notice on their front door, is simply devastating to every aspect of their life.

 Over the past several years of the housing downturn, we have helped over 2,928 Homeowners, like you, move quickly and easily – regardless of what they owe their bank because we have an exclusive proven system unlike that of any other area agent.  In fact, our Guaranteed Home Sale System has even been featured on CNN Money as a reliable solution in today’s market. Our Track Record for saving families, their dignity and their credit is outstanding.

Before you hire just any real estate professional, you should research the market to find out who can do the best job for you, because it’s your future at stake.   When interviewing agents, find out what kind of accreditation they have, how many distress sales they have closed and, of significant importance, what kind of guarantee they are willing to give you with respect to the sale of your home. In a market where many homes listed for sale linger for months and months on the market, a Guarantee which ensures that your home will sell and your home mortgage released in full is critical. Unfortunately, you'll find that the majority of agents simply cannot even understand the process of a short sale or foreclosure, much less, Guarantee Your Home Sale.

To help you learn more about this program and how it can make your sale less stressful and offer you future options to begin your life again, a FREE special report has been prepared entitled "How to Sell Your Home in Today’s Market, No Matter What You Owe and Avoid Getting Stuck Still Owing Your Mortgage Company After Your Home Sells”.

URGENT!!  We have a data base of buyers and investors right now, at our finger tips, one of whom may be interested in buying your home and solving the housing dilemma you and your family are facing.

PLUS: With more and more bank foreclosures being released into the market in the next few months, drastically increasing the inventory, the chance that your home will be sold is diminishing every day that you delay in contacting us.

Order this report NOW to find out how to Guarantee the Sale of your Home, save your credit and begin a new life, free from the nightmare of an upside down mortgage, free from phone calls from your bank with 100% release from your home mortgage – no matter what you owe.  Simply Call 770 579-4060.

Be sure to mention your personal Guaranteed Home Sale Code – S0464.

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